What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is an aspect of feng shui that is used to clear away negative or stagnant energy in spaces. Where clutter clearing is clearing energy in our physical world, space clearing is clearing energy in the unseen, energetic world.

Why Should I Space Clear?

If you have never had your home cleared, then you most likely need to.  If for no other reason, a space clearing is necessary to clear out the energy of previous owners, called predecessor energy.  Energy can stagnate for years, build, and create patterns over time.

Space clearing helps to also dismantle your own patterns.  Like our body, our home contains our mental and emotional patterns.  If you want to make changes in your life, start or, at least, include the home.  We spend lots of time and money on self-help methods for ourselves.  But it we continue to live and breathe the same patterns in our home day after day, it is difficult to make any permanent change in our lives.

When Should I Space Clear?

  • Removing stagnant or negative energy

  • Clearing predecessor energy (from prior occupants)

  • Moving into a home

  • Clearing gemstones

  • After an illness

  • A housewarming gift

  • In hotel rooms

  • Coming home after vacation

  • After a disagreement, break-up, emotional upheaval, or trauma

  • Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space

  • Between clients, especially for bodywork or therapeutic clients

  • Between yoga classes

  • Before or after meetings

  • Before and after parties

  • Prior to an open house or home showing

What is Smudging?

Smudging is a form of space clearing. Although there are various ways to space clear, such as bells, salt, etc., burning sage is the most common form in the West. Sage smudging has its origins with Native Americans and has been used for thousands of years. Sage is the most common herb used because of its natural clearing properties. Sweetgrass and Cedar are also used in smudging. These herbs can be used alone bundled in a sage stick, or combined with other herbs, such as lavender.

Is the Smudge Spray® as Effective as Burning Sage?

Yes. It’s actually more effective in some cases. The Smudge Spray has all the clearing benefits of burning sage, but also raises the vibration of the space. The Smudge Spray uses a Rosewater base because rose is the highest vibration of all flowers. In addition to the clearing properties of the sage and cedarwood, the lavender and eucalyptus infuse an energizing component into the space as well.

Because of its strong clearing properties, it is important to invoke an intention into your space afterwards. It is such an effective clearer that it should be used with intention each time, not as a room deodorizer.

Here are just a few of  things customers have said…

“I really LOVE this spray… it works beautifully to shift/clear energy in a space.”

“I absolutely love this smudge spray! The fragrance is just beautiful! I own a spa and frequently use this to clear my space of negativity. It really works, and my clients love the smell!”

“I’d been looking for a smudge spray for several years. Found it!! I spritz it into the air, and walk into the mist, and, if even only for that one moment, I feel whole again.”

“Wonderful product for those who want to clear their work space or help others to clear their space. Very nice for those areas that a smudge stick is not practical or where a more ‘subtle’ approach to cleansing is called for. Its very light natural fragrance is non-offensive and there are no added perfumes to irritate the scent sensitive.”

“I really like this spray & the scent is soft & wonderful. I smudge my house every two weeks when it gets cleaned. Also when I feel the need to renew the energy thru my house. I will buy this again.”

Can Smudge Spray be Used on Myself?

The Smudge Spray was designed for use in spaces. However, I have heard from many people who do use it daily to cleanse their own aura. But here’s my disclaimer…

The user expressly assumes all benefits, risks and responsibility for any consequences foreseen or otherwise which may result from the use of our products. While we use trusted and tested materials, we cannot know your personal medical history, and so the product user assumes all risk for any reactions, allergies or negative results, which may result from your personal use of our products.

How Do I Space Clear?

1- Set an Intention

Set an intention for a specific room or for the entire space, i.e. to clear out previous owners energy; to clear out starting energy or negative energy from arguments, etc.

2- Use Smudge Spray®

Start in the corners of each room and work your way around to the center. Spray then waft around with your hand. Just a few sprays here and there are necessary. It’s potent!

3- Invoke an Intention

After clearing a space, you know have a blank slate. Invoked new energy into it with an intention, mantra, prayer, or blessing, i.e. call and love and light; harmonic relationships; new beginnings; etc.

Can I Use the Smudge Spray to Clear Stones?

Yes. The Smudge Spray can be used to clear anything, such as crystals, furniture, offices, that you would otherwise clear with sage smudging, or any other clearing modality.

Does the Smudge Spray Have a Shelf Life?

The Smudge Spray is used with all-natural products and no alcohol for the highest quality possible. As a result, there are no artificial preservatives to extend its shelf life. The alchemical blend of the ingredients infuse its potency over time, similar to a good wine. That being said, if not used within a year, its effectiveness could start to diminish. If in doubt, open the bottle and you will know from the intensity of the fragrance. Also avoid storing in direct sunlight.

Can I Buy the Smudge Spray wholesale?

Yes. Contact us for wholesale pricing.