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Smudge Without the Smoke

"Wonderful product for those who want to clear their work space or help others to clear their space. Very nice for those areas that a smudge stick is not practical.”

"I absolutely love this smudge spray! I own a spa and frequently use this to clear my space of negativity. It really works, and my clients love the smell!"

"I really love this spray. The scent is soft and wonderful. I smudge my house every two weeks when it gets cleaned and when I feel the need to renew the energy through my house."

"I'd been looking for a smudge spray for several years. Found it!! I spritz it into the air, and walk into the mist, and, if even only for that one moment, I feel whole again."

The Difference is Quality

Each bottle is hand blended with 100% all-natural ingredients, including a rosewater base, eucalyptus, cedarwood, clary sage essential oil,  and a sage leaf elixir. The Smudge Spray contains NO alcohol or other solubilizers to maintain the integrity of its clearing vibration.

Spray in areas with negative or stagnant energy or areas that simply need re-energized. Only 1-3 sprays in each area will be necessary. After spraying, invoke a personal intention or simply call in love and light into the space.

When to Use the Smudge Spray

Removing stagnant or negative energy

Clearing predecessor energy (from prior occupants)

Moving into a home

Clearing gemstones

After an illness

A housewarming gift

In hotel rooms

Coming home after vacation

After a disagreement, break-up, emotional upheaval, or trauma

Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space

Between clients, especially for bodywork or therapeutic clients

Between yoga classes

Before or after meetings

Before and after parties

Prior to an open house or home showing

Featured Products

Introducing the Super Strength Smudge Spray

Twice the Size and Twice the Power for those tough jobs. Comes in plastic bottle with spray nozzle.

The Refillable 16 oz.

The most economical choice! Use to refill your existing bottles. Great for home offices, healing spaces, and commercial spaces with continued use.

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